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When Jim and I decided to move to Bryan/College Station, I knew I wanted to open my own gift shop and boutique. Historic Downtown Bryan was the obvious choice for location. It's charming, old-fashioned, bustling with cultural events, art, music, and there are some great cafes, restaurants, festivals, and other adorable shops. What's not to love about Downtown Bryan?

Downtown Bryan 


This little shop of mine has been a great way for me to meet people and be part of the Downtown Bryan community. We love the festivities that take place here and always find some way to make sure our customers can get into the spirit. For Mardi Gras in Downtown Bryan, Jim threw beads and I made a shrimp creole. For Sip and Shop, we had some wonderful Malbec wine from Argentina and fruit and cheese plates. Come down and join us whether there is an event or not, we'd be happy to meet you!

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